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iTravel Travel Time System

iTravel is a Bluetooth Journey Travel Time System distributed by ATC to assist road traffic authorities to gather travel time data from its road network.

The iTravel system comprises a Windows based Server application running at the control centre that connects to remote outstations using the GPRS data network as shown in the figure below:

iTravel system to gather and calculate Travel Time on road network using bluetooth and PIR sensors

Each iTravel outstation is solar powered and connects to PIR sensors or Bluetooth receivers to collect data counts and vehicle classification. The iTravel outstation then stores and forwards the data daily back to the server using the cellular phone networks GPRS system.

iTravel graphic showing how sensors detect, count and classify vehicles using PIR and Bluetooth Sensors

This means the iTravel outstation is easily installed, requires no in-road or road surface installation or cutting or road surface and since its low power, the solar panel and battery system means low maintenance, with the Central System always able to monitor each outstation's health and performance.

Vehicles that have bluetooth devices are increasing in numbers as a standard feature so the bluetooth receiver can record and identify the unique 48 bit MAC address, no other identifying data is collected that relates to a specific user. As that identified vehicle travels through the road network, it will be detected at another outstation and therefore the iTravel system is able to calculate the travel time for that vehicle between the two outstation locations. If optional PIR units are fitted at those outstation, then vehicle classification information can also be recorded.

iTravel Travel Time Graphic showing how travel time is calculated

Key Benefits

For more information on the iTravel Time System please contact ATC's Marketing Manager on +61 2 8846 5500 or submit a Webrequest for iTravel Travel Time System information and pricing by email.

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