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Traffic Reporter

The SCATS® system collects a large number of parameters from each Traffic Signal Controller in the field.

Traffic Reporter is one of those applications that assists the SCATS® operators in Traffic Management Centres by reporting traffic volumes for any given road approach in both tabular or graphical form.

This application is integrated with SCATS® and if licensed is available to the operator at any time.

Screenshot of SCATS Traffic Reporter showing the configuration screen when selecting what data to show on a graph

The application can graphically render data collected from the Traffic Signal Controllers for a given "Subsystem" which is a collection of intersections that are being coordinated by SCATS® . Traffic Reporter is able to show the variation of actual cycle length time and compare that to what SCATS® requires the cycle length time to be giving the operator some idea how well the SCATS® system is coordinating the whole road corridor in that subsystem.

Traffic Reporter is not a standalone application and requires the SCATS® Core Software to operate, however, this application can be purchased separately from SCATS® , for example for existing SCATS® System users.

 For more information on the SCATS® Optional Software Applications please contact ATC's Marketing Manager Mr Andrew Bull on +61 2 9736 9999 or by Email.

 Traffic Reporter

Screenshot of the SCATS Traffic Reporter Application showing Cycle Length variations on a Subsystems of Traffic Signal Controllers

 Cycle Length Variations

Screenshot of SCATS Traffic Reporter showing how the system is tracking with the Actual versus Required Cycle Length Time for Good Coordination among a number of intersections in a subsystem

Screen with Required and Actual Cycle Length for a Subsystem



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