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Unusual Congestion Monitor

The SCATS® Unusual Congestion Server with Unusual Congestion Monitor is a monitoring tool that when installed and configured analyses each intersection's traffic volumes and degree of saturation to arrive at a determination as to whether a road is "congested" or not.

The Unusual Congestion Server runs all the time as new data is received by the SCATS system from the Traffic Signal Controllers in the field and the Unusual Congestion Monitor is updated in real time, so the list of roads and the degree and value of congestion changes dynamically.

Similar to Alarm Analyzer, Unusual Congestion Server can produce a detailed report that details peak congestion for specific days.


Unusual Congestion Monitor Screen

This application is integrated with SCATS® and if licensed is available to the operators at any time.

SCATS® Unusual Congestion Server with Unusual Congestion Monitor is not a standalone application and requires the SCATS® Core Software to operate, however, this application can be purchased separately from SCATS®, for example for existing SCATS® System users.

 For more information on the SCATS® Optional Software Applications please contact ATC's Marketing Manager Mr Andrew Bull on +61 2 8846 5500 or by Email.



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