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TSC/4 Workstation Tester

ATC have developed the ATC Workstation as a unit that provides all the status inputs and output interfaces to replace all of the inputs and loads that a normal TSC/4 Compliant cabinet provides.

The ATC Workstation product has already been future proofed as it is capable of testing up to 32 signal groups when the new SCATS® protocol is released by the Roads and Maritime Services of NSW, and currently will test 24 signal groups which is the current maximum.

The unit is a 3 RU High 19" rack mountable, or it can be set on a workbench and this allows the tester to locate the logic rack to be tested on top or beside the ATC workstation.

Workstation Tester ATSC4

The ATC Workstation is sold fully fitted for the maximum capacity of current and future controller capacity as shown in the table below:

  • 32 Signal Group (Phases) Outputs.
  • 24 vehicle detector channels.
  • 16 External Inputs
  • 8 Pedestrian Wait Outputs.
  • 1 Daily Event Output.
  • 12 Special Facility Switches.
  • Door Sensor
  • Light Sensor
  • Gas Sensor
  • Modem Isolation
  • 5 digit Site ID Dip Switch bank.
  • Flash On/Off switch.

Each signal group output is designed to draw 15W to ensure a positive detection is made by the Logic Rack. The TC432 Workstation can be supplied in either 240V AC or  42V(ELV) AC version. The workstation will work with correspondingly configured Logic Racks

All input and output signals use the same connector types as do the Traffic Signal Controller which makes for ease of connection to a Logic Rack to be tested. The ATC Workstation can in fact be used to test or exercise a new Personality without needing to configure a whole cabinet prior to testing.

For more information about the ATC Workstation or to purchase please contact ATC's Marketing Manager by Email or by calling +61 2 8846 5599.

TC432 Workstation Front Panel showing the 32 External Inputs and 16 Last Red Out Switches and Supply Switches to Rack

TC432 Front Panel EIM and Last Red Out Switches

TC432 Front Panel showing switches that relate to the cabinet functions of a Traffic Signal Controller

TC432 Front Panel Cabinet Inputs

TC432 Workstation connected to an ATSC4 Logic Rack Controller ready for testing of all functions

TC432 Connected to an ATSC4 Logic Rack for Testing

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