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Traffic Signalling Products

    ATC manufacture a number of products that are deployed within the Traffic Signalling industry for the purpose of controlling signals at an urban intersection, control the flow of cars joining a high speed motorway or to control which lanes are used in a given direction.

    All of ATC's Traffic Signalling Products are designed to be SCATS compatible, and some are customised for specialist application use.  The SID module is a standalone device that can be connected to foreign or non-SCATS compliant Traffic Signal Controllers so they can be connected to a SCATS system.


    The ATSC4 Traffic Signal Controller is ATC's flagship product and is a high technology solution with a high degree of reliability that is SCATS® compatible and runs the VC5 SCATS protocol if coordinated by a SCATS system or can run on its own in Flexilink Mode whereby the controller has a set of plans to run at given times of the day. For more information on the ATSC4 Traffic Signal Controller ....

    Ramp Metering

    Related to and based on the ATSC4 Traffic Signal Controller, is ATC's Ramp Metering Controller that controls 1 or 2 sets of signals on a ramp joining a high speed motoroway allowing 1 signal green at a time to minimise delays on the motoroway due to the joining vehicles being slower than the motorway vehicles. For more information on Ramp Metering ....

    Lane Use

    A Lane Use Controller is also available whereby a specialised ATSC4 controller is configured to drive special LED Lanterns, generally a green arrow or red cross to indicate if the lane is available to a motorist travelling in a given direction. The application for Lane Use systems include bridges, tunnels, narrow roads or other roads where some lanes can change direction during the course of a day to assist with peak hour traffic or accidents/emergencies. For more information on the Lane Use Controller .....

    SID - Connect non-SCATS Controllers to SCATS

    For customers that have existing controllers or purchasing controllers that are not SCATS compliant but wish to connect them to a new SCATS system, ATC provide a System Interface Device (SID) product to convert SCATS Adaptive coordination commands to a series of hardware force-and-hold signals that are interfaced to a foreign controller to control the time the foreign controller stays in a phase and then force it to move to a new phase in coordination with SCATS. This preserves the investment in the existing Controller asset but provide fully adaptive traffic control on the road using SCATS. For more information on the SID .....

    Cardbus Cards & Programmer

    To program the configuration or "personality" of an intersection within a traffic signal controller, ATC manufacture a Cardbus Card and programmer to allow service personnel to install a newly configured personality at a new or existing intersection. For more information on the Cardbus Cards and Personality Programmer ....

    Legacy - Alpha16 Controller

    Existing customers of ATC's Alpha16 Controller can obtain spare parts and module RMAs from ATC by contacting ATC's Product Manager on +61 2 8846 5500 or by webrequest for Alpha16 Spare Parts. Please note, ATC has superceded the Alpha16 with the ATSC4, however, inline with its commitment to traffic authorities who have purchase Alpha16 controllers, spare parts are available.

    For existing customers who simply want to get a quote or order more modules click on Request Alpha16 Parts Quote ....



    ATSC4 Logic Rack

    ATSC4 Logic Rack Module also sold for integration into local cabinet.

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