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Road Traffic Data Collection

Modern urban road traffic management systems such as SCATS® gather a lot of data that relates to the road and traffic conditions being reported by each Traffic Signal Controller such as the ATSC4 on a continuous and daily basis. This data offers a lot of valuable information if there exists tools that can "mine" and report findings that assist traffic authorities in planning, changing traffic flow in particular areas and changes in traffic trends across the urban road network.

ATC can offer additional tools that add value to the data gathered by UTC systems and also complimentary products that provide additional data to help road authorities respond to changing user behavious on the road network.

Travel Time Monitoring

iTravel is an innovative system to collect and process road traffic data.

The iTravel system is designed to provide comprehensive traffic information in a cost effective and open standards based way.

The solution consists of an easy to install iTravel outstation that connects via a GPRS network back to the iTravel Central System. The iTravel system uses detection of vehicles using passive infrared detectors and Bluetooth receivers.So for any stretch of road or motorway, this system can "detect bluetooth devices to calculate total journey time between any two points in a road network.

For more information click on iTravel.

Real Time Travel Information

There is a software package that can augment the data gathered by the SCATS® UTC system that provides another level of analysis with the intent of providing more "indicators" of the service levels the road and traffic signalling system provides.

The Real Time Travel system can provide real time performance of urban arterial roads and motorways as well as detection of congestion and display that dynamically on a map, provide travel times on a given link and traffic performance of intersections and routes in a road network.

Such as system can be used to tune a SCATS® system to provide the most efficient adaptive system with the given roads and signalling system. This means that this tool can be used to tune cycle times, phase splits and offsets especially where an intersection has been operational for years without any modification to the signal operation.

These tools can also provide graphical views of the data collected and analysed making the process of data analysis and conclusions easier to interpret and for those to be used to action improvements in the adaptive traffic control system.

For more information about these tools contact ATC's Marketing Manager on +61 2 8846 5500 or submit a Webrequest for Real Time Travel System Information by email.

 Click on iTravel Report Screen to view sample graphical trending

Control Centre Monitoring of real time traffic flow on Motorways

iTravel implementation foto showing how detection occurs 

 Counting Traffic

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