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TrafiCAM Collect-R Vehicle Video Detection

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Aldridge Traffic Controllers distributes the TrafiCAM Collect-R Vehicle Detector sensor as an "in-ground" induction loop replacement for vehicle detection used in modern Urban Traffic Control (UTC) systems.

The TrafiCAM Collect-R sensor is an all in one camera sensor with video processing unit similar to the original TrafiCAM but with the added functions of :

  • Traffic Data Collection - Volume, Speed, Occupancy and Classification
  • Queue Detection
  • Flow Monitoring with 5 levels of service: Normal, Dense, Delayed, Stop-and-go, Congested.
  • Loop Simulation/Emulation.
  • Cover up to 4 lanes depending on mounting location.

The TrafiCAM Collect-R can be configured with a laptop to "overlay" configurable detection zones for each lane of traffic being monitored as shown below:


 TrafiCam image showing red lines defining Detection Zones for each road lane

 The setup process also configures output contacts via an interface board mounted inside ATC's cabinet that is interfaced to the External Interface Module present in all SCATS™ compliant traffic signal controllers.

The volt-free contacts essentially report the presence of vehicles which the controller uses to create a demand and adds to the vehicle count reported back the SCATS™ UTC system. Access to the programming and monitor interface is available within the controller cabinet - no need to get up a mast arm to connect to the TrafiCAM Collect_R with a laptop. The link is via an RS-485 cable over twisted shielded pair cable that is commonly available.

The TrafiCAM Collect_R is available in both a Narrow angle and a Wide angle version depending on the application.

Click here for large image of Wide Angle Vehicle Detection Video Camera

Wide Angle Video Camera

Click here for larger image of the Narrow Angle Vehicle Detection Video Camera 

 Narrow Angle Video Camera

The camera's volt free optically coupled clean contact outputs are available in 1TI, 4TI or 9 TI configurations where each zone is linked to one of those output contacts to interface to Traffic Signal Controllers or other logging or activating equipment. Each channel also has a local channel LED to indicate state on the Interface Module. TrafiCam Collect-R can also be used to triggering third party systems such as flash lights, barriers, CCD cameras and VMS panels when the traffic flow exceeds a certain predefined level.

 For more information or pricing of the TrafiCAM Collect-R range of Video Detectors please contact ATC's Marketing Manager Mr Andrew Bull on +61 2 9736 9999 or via the Contact Us.

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