SCATS Urban Traffic Management System & Traffic Signal Controller Support Services

The Aldridge Traffic Controllers web site forms an integral part of the Aldridge Traffic Controllers sales and service strategy, using a “member log-in concept”. 

Purchasers of any Aldridge Traffic Controllers controller will be given an exclusive log-in that will take them to an area that provides interaction between Aldridge Traffic Controllers staff, the local agent and the end-user.

Controller help support is email based, with reporting features and back up staff to ensure that issues are dealt with in a timely manner. Any issues that show a pattern of either regular faults or an understanding of controller operation are reviewed in order to provide feedback to all of our customers.

Each Aldridge Traffic Controllers agent has access to the site and discussion forums to enable them to interact with customers.

Customers have access, via a member log-in to the Controller Support Service and the SCATS™ Support Service, exclusively for Aldridge Traffic Controllers SCATS customers, which provides an email based response service for faults and issues.

Due to the international aspect of our business, responses will be based on a 72 hour turn around.

The Member forums are monitored by experienced SCATS™ and controller support staff who are also involved as moderators in the forum conversations using blogs etc.

The discussion forums deliver an excellent way of providing practical solutions to issues being encountered around the world and also invaluable feedback to the product developers.

Controller and SCATS™ Support Services are be integrated to provide a seamless connection between controllers and SCATS™.