The SCATS Intelligent Transport System (ITS)  Port is a software socket application to allow for the bidirectional movement of data from/to a SCATS system to an external ITS application.

The port uses common TCP software socket programming methodology that can interact with the SCATS Central Manager system. The ITS port gives access to a number of internal data known as "Messages". These "Messages" essentially can provide the end user with internal data about specific site information, site plans, alarms, detections and other information stored in the SCATS Database.

The license provide 5 messages as standard with the purchase of the ITS Port License, and an optional 3 more messages can be purchased for licensing. Development of any application by a developer needs to be compliant with the RTA's conditions of use which can be provided upon request.

The SCATS Intelligent Transport System provides traffic solutions

The application can be written in any of the modern languages in use today such as Java, C++, Visual Basic, Visual C#, Python and many other capable of handling software sockets, with the application needing to be run on a network connection that has access to the SCATS Central Manager Server (LAN).

This application is integrated with SCATS and if licensed is available to the developer or system integrator at any time.

SCATS® ITS Port is not a standalone application and requires the SCATS® Core Software to operate, however, this application can be purchased separately from SCATS, for example for existing SCATS System users.

 For more information on the SCATS® Optional Software Applications please contact ATC's Marketing Manager on +61 2 8846 5599 or by Email.