The NGEN Personality Writing Software is a MS-Windows Application that is used to create "personalities" or configuration data for SCATS® compatible Traffic Signal Controllers (ATSC4) or System Interface Devices (SID). 

The NGEN software can create personalities that load onto a standard Cardbus Card used by all current generation Traffic Signal Controllers that meet the TSC/4 specification of the RTA of NSW (Australia) - the authority responsible for the design and development of SCATS®.

Once a personality is written, it can be downloaded to a Traffic Signal Controller using the Personality Loader Module made by ATC or test the personality by using the WinTRAFF Single software application to "simulate" the operation of the personality with this simulation software.

The NGEN software is supplied with a software disc and a USB Sentinel Hardware License Dongle that is restricted to one user at time.

If you are interested in wanting to learn how to write personalities for Traffic Signal Controllers or SID units, ATC offer an NGEN Personality Generation Training Course to learn the skills to do so.

 For more information on the NGEN Personality Writing Software Application please contact ATC's Marketing Manager on +61 2 8846 5500 or by Email.