To view the effects of road design, the signal phasing on a number of intersections along a given road controlled by SCATS and the travel time, one needs tools to be able to simulate the environment and then using one or more variables see the effect on the overall efficiency of traffic movement.

To do so requires a tool such as SCATSIM which provides a data interface with traffic detection data to a Traffic Micro simulator package and study the effects of any road design change, direction, signal phasing to see if the effects are positive or not. SCATSIM provide connectivity to some of the most used and well known modelling packages such as AimSun NextParamics-S, Paramics-Q and VISSIM.


Is a suite of software that allows a SCATS system to be linked to Traffic Micro Simulation software packages for modelling purposed. This provides a faithfull simulation of a network of SCATS compliant intersections or motorways with entry ramps controlled by SCATS Ramp Metering System (SRMS).

What is required to run SCATSIM?

SCATSIM requires the following:

  • SCATS System with the appropriate license and dongle
  • SCATSIM Software Interface.
  • SCATSIM license and relevant hardware dongle

so the SCATSIM package can transfer data to third party simulation packages such as AimsunParamics and Vissim. If any one of these components is not present there can be no exchange of data from SCATS to any third party software.

 For more information on the SCATS® Simulation Software Applications please contact ATC's Marketing Manager on +61 2 8846 5599 or by Email.