Welcome to the ATC Shipping Information article where we explain what methods ATC uses to ship its products around Australia and the rest of world.

ATC use the INCOTerms of Import and Export and the terminology used by the transportation industry when shipping its products. To avoid mis-understandings when purchasing products from ATC, it is recommended to become familiar with these terms as they are often provided by ATC and included in its Terms and Conditions of sale.


INCOTERMS are a set of three-letter standard trade terms most commonly used in international contracts for the sale of goods. First published in 1936, INCOTERMS provide internationally accepted definitions and rules of interpretation for most common commercial terms. In the US, INCOTERMS are increasingly used in domestic sales contracts rather than UCC shipment and delivery terms.


- INCOTERMS inform the sales contract by defining the respective
obligations, costs and risks involved in the delivery of goods from the Seller to the Buyer.


- INCOTERMS by themselves DO NOT:

  • Constitute a contract;
  • Supersede the law governing the contract;
  • Define where title transfers; nor,
  • Address the price payable, currency or credit terms.

These items are defined by the express terms in the sales contract and by the governing law.

The ATC terms and conditions of a quote generally define:

  • where ATC will ship its products to before the customer is responsible for shipping.
  • If shipping is included in the quoted price, what the method of transport is.
  • If the goods are purchased using a Letter of Credit, which financial institution needs to provide such a letter to ATC.

International Classification of Freight (Dangerous)

Goods are also subject to their international UN classification for the shipment of Dangerous Goods, such as batteries (GEL or Wet-Cell), pressurised containers, chemicals and other materials. In such a situation, ATC engages the services of specialist carriers who know what are the requirements of shipping such goods and therefore, may delay the fast delivery of goods which are beyond ATC's control.

For more information about Importing and Exporting of products using international shipping companies (Sea, Air, Rail or Road) please refer to our FAQ Section for Shipping of Goods from ATC.