To assist in the development and testing of intersections in a virtual environment so that the connectivity to SCATS® can be tested and established before deploying to the field, the WinTRAFF suite of software products can be used to perform these tests.

A number of products exist within this suite and include:


  • WinTRAFF Single
  • WinTRAFF Simulation
  • WinTRAFF Test

WinTRAFF Single

WinTRAFF single is a MS-Windows based application that allows the simulation of a single SCATS® compliant Traffic Signal Controller such as the ATSC4. The Traffic Signal Controller is one that operates using the personality file written by the end user and the RTA TRAFF software that is normally embedded in any SCATS® compliant Traffic Signal Controller.

WinTRAFF operates as a standalone application and run in "Isolated" mode or connect to a SCATS® system in Masterlink mode. This application can be purchased separately from SCATS®, for example for existing SCATS® System users.

WinTRAFF Personality Simulator that can connect to SCATS to simulate a physical controller for test and verification of personality purposes.

WinTRAFF Multi-Site

WinTRAFFsimulation is a MS-Windows Application that allows the simulation of multiple SCATS® compliant Traffic Signal Controllers. The software application simulates a Traffic Signal Controller by reading one or more personality configuration files written by the end user in conjunction with the RTA's TRAFF software that is shipped with every SCATS® compliant Traffic Signal Controller.

The purpose of this application is to simulate a population of Traffic Signal Controllers connected to a SCATS® system to enable modelling and visualization of the controllers operating in a standard SCATS® environment. This would be required if SCATS® is interfaced to a micro-modelling software such as Paramics, Vissim and other Traffic Modelling Software.


WinTRAFFtest is a MS-Windows application that allows the simulation of a number of SCATS® compliant Traffic Signal Controllers using a personality and the RTA TRAFF® software.

This application allows a SCATS® system to be Load Tested and established a number of TCP socket connections to a running SCATS® Regional Computer and a test application. The test application is used to setup or alter the detection simulation operation in WinTRAFFtest controllers. Vehicle detections are the primary unit for counting traffic in SCATS® and this data is also used in micro simulation of road networks.

 For more information on the SCATS® Simulation Software Applications please contact ATC's Marketing Manager on +61 2 8846 5599 or by Email.