ATC is an Australian company focused in the development and integration of technologies that serve the road traffic industry.

It is a manufacturer of Traffic Signal Controllers and related products, but is also a distributor of the SCATS™™ UTC system.

ATC is an authorized SCATS™ distributor for overseas markets (excluding Singapore and New Zealand) worldwide.

The ATSC4 Traffic Signal Controller it has developed is in fact a SCATS Compatible Traffic Signal Controller. This allows ATC to provide end users with a complete system from monitor to on street controllers.

ATC also supplies a number of products that complement the ATSC4 including the ATSUI graphical User Interface and USB Personality Programmer.

The Active Advanced Warning Sign Controller (AAWS) was designed by ATC to provide an externally controlled flashing warning sign for road users at railway level crossings.

The AWSC4 manufactured by ATC has been deployed across Australia to prevent road fatalities at level crossings and is monitored by UMTS (3G) communications to a central monitoring system.

A range of UPS based Traffic Signal Controllers is also offered for critical intersections where continuity during a power blackout is essential.

A range of hi tech video detection cameras is also offered that complement the ATSC4 if used as video detectors or road vehicles or as incident detection systems.

These video detectors have been deployed for road monitoring, freeways and tunnels and ATC are the distributor in Australia for these Traficon cameras.

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