ATC have put in place a modern and flexible web based helpdesk site to assist its customers world wide.

The Aldridge Traffic Controllers Helpdesk website is accessible by ATC customers via a simple web browser at any time 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The web-based Helpdesk allows customers to raise an "issue" with any of its products, be it SCATS® or Traffic Signal Controllers. When a customer logs a new issue for a specific product the Helpdesk system automatically sends a confirmation email to the customer and notifies key ATC staff of this issue.

From that point on, ATC staff then follow up the issue, until its resolved going through many phases.

The customer is always notified of any new information and all changes are date/time stamped.

This means that distance and time zones aren't so critical to resolving issues.

ATC customers are also aided by the web based RMA system to handle any faulty hardware that require repair or replacement.

The same tracking information is kept by ATC's RMA system and email notifications are sent at each milestone to keep our customers informed in a timely and efficient manner.

To access ATC's Helpdesk, customers need to request an account be set up by the ATC webmaster.