ATC's range of products are available for any traffic authority or maintenance personnel needing the tools to fault find, modify or enhance the capability of a Traffic Signal Controller such as the ATSC4.

TC432 Workstation Tester

For workshops, ATC manufactures the TC432 Workstation which is able to test up to 32 signal groups and the full complement of cabinet inputs and indicators available such as the light sensor or Site ID module. The Workstation is built in a convenient 3 Rack Unit 19" rack mountable form factor.

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TC432 Workstation

TC432 Workstation

Controller Workshop Trolley

Traffic Signal Controllers that comply to TSC/4 have a standard minimum height and can weigh up to 150Kg depending on their configuration and any additional equipment installed.

To make the process of working on the unit more convenient and to move the controller around a workshop and/or stand it up, ATC have devised the TC450 Workshop Trolley that is a fully welded steel frame that is powdercoated and fitted with heavy duty caster wheels that allow the controller to be worked on from all sides.

It is designed specifically to make the process of lifting upright an easy task.

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