ATC will be offering a number of professional services as part of its Systems Integration Capability in deploying Urban Traffic Management Control Systems.

ATC are able to provide a Traffic Intersection Design Service whereby professional Traffic Engineers will analyse an existing or new intersection and design the phasing of the Signal Groups and use that information to configure the ATSC4 Traffic Signal Controllers.

The Intersection Design Service also extends to performing an optimization analysis to ensure travel times are reduced to a minimum on the basis of traffic data modelling.

Civil consulting engineers can use this service to ensure optimal design of signals and roads for efficient traffic management

The Traffic Engineers employed by ATC are also SCATS® experts and as such will create Intersection Designs that are optimised for SCATS® Adapative Urban Traffic Management Control systems.

Who is this service for?

This service is for Civil and Road Construction engineers or consultants in the Road design field who design new road intersections or are re-modelling an existing intersection with modified traffic flow.

For more information on the Intersection Design Service from ATC, please contact ATC's Sales and Marketing Manager in Sydney on +61 2 8846 5599 or via email by clicking on Intersection Design Service for Urban Traffic Control systems.