The SCATS® History Reader is an ITS application that reads historical data collected and saved by the SCATS system and displays the data to the user for analysis and replay.

Data for individual sites can be displayed graphically, in a table format, timeline or summary report. The timeline facility is in effect a playback facility where the analyst can view the changes and can alter the speed of playback of that data.

This application is integrated with SCATS® Central Manager or Regional Computer and have its ITS port enabled.

SCATS® History Reader is not a standalone application and requires the SCATS® Core Software to operate, however, this application can be purchased separately from SCATS®, for example for existing SCATS® System users.

It is to be noted that the version of History Reader must be in line with the version of SCATS and operating system, thus, one cannot purchase the newest version of History Reader for an old unsupported version of SCATS®.

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