ATC developed the leading TSC/4 compliant Traffic Signal Controller to integrate with the SCATS® Urban Traffic Control system.


To complement the leading edge technologies used in the design of the ATSC4, ATC has developed a training course for maintenance personnel.


The ATSC4 training course makes great use of the unique ATSUI Graphical User Interface to provide highly detailed  internal data.

Target Audience

This course is aimed at traffic management staff from road authorities involved in the installation and maintenance of traffic signal controllers.

The course is a practical "hand on course" to provide the knowledge needed to maintain correct operation of the ATSC4.

Participants need to have AS3000 Wiring Rules qualification as licensed electricians to attend the course.

Course Summary

Course participants will participate in learning of the ATSC4 design, wiring layout and circuitry and interrogating the ATSC4 using the graphical ATSUI interface.

Participants will be provided with test cases and scenarios to solve real world problems using the NGEN Personality Generation Software in order to learn of the sophisticated diagnostic tools available to the user.

Course Enquiries

For more information on the course, course content or bookings please contact ATC's Marketing Manager by email clicking on ATSC4 Introductory Course Enquiry or by telephone +61 2 8846 5500.