Traficon is the global leader in video image processing for traffic analysis: producers of intelligent technology for traffic data acquisition and automatic incident detection, directors of intersection vehicle presence detection and management, creators of safe and smooth-flowing traffic.

As an ISO9001 certified company, Traficon strives to meet customer requirements by delivering reliable high quality products. ATC are their Australian distributor and support all of their products locally including their tunnel management system.

Traficon’s reputation is backed by 25 years' proven field experience and more than 60,000 video detection sensors, operational worldwide.

The main principle behind video detection is obtained by a combination of highly tuned CMOS sensor couple with algorithms that detect the presence of a vehicle in a given zone of the sensor's field of vision.

Video Detection as an economical and unobtrusive way of detecting vehicles and pedestrians on the road.

The technology is explained in a downloadable document titled  "The World of Video Detection".


Vehicle Detectors

ATC distributes Traficon's products including their world leading products, the TrafiCAM™ and the TrafiCAM™ Collect-R.

The TrafiCAM™ product is an all-in-one integrated camera and detection system that is a direct replacement for in-ground loops. This unit is an above ground unit that can cover up to 8 zones (loops).

The TrafiCAM™ Collect-R is also an integrated camera and detection system that can perform vehicle detection on up to four (4) lanes.

Streaming Video Detectors

ATC distribute the X-Stream range of Video Detection cameras that can perform detection of vehicles on multiple lanes as well as remotely stream video over a broadband link.

This camera can perform queue length, collect traffic Data and monitor traffic flow and TCP/IP addressable.

For more information on the range of Traficon's Video and Incident Detection system products, contact ATC via telephone or Email.

Pedestrian Presence Detectors

The Safewalk product is a 3-D stereoscopic video detector used at road intersections for the detection of pedestrians waiting to cross and approaching the intersection to cross the road.

Pedestrian Presence Detectors

The C-Walk video detector is an integrated camera and sensor for detecting pedestrians wanting to cross at an intersection or mid-block signalised crossing.