Training Courses

ATC offer a wide range of training courses that cover all aspects of traffic engineering from SCATS Urban Traffic Control implementations, ATSC4 Traffic Signal Controller maintenance and configuration through to intersection design and SCATS optimization.

The courses are designed to provide the theory and practical knowledge to implement this systems worldwide.

There are other courses on Adaptive Engineering and ATC's other products such as the Active Advanced Warning system controller and System Interface Device (SID) units.

SCATS Urban Traffic Control (UTC) Practitioner's Training Courses

ATC provide extensive in depth courses for SCATS Adaptive Traffic Management and in the design and implementation of Urban Traffic Control (UTC) systems.

The courses offered include the SCATS Practitioner's course as well as the more advanced Adaptive Engineering optimization course for existing users wanting to improve the performance of their system.

For further details click on SCATS Practitioners Training Course.

For details of the SCATS UTC product please click on SCATS Adaptive Traffic Management System.

Traffic Signal Controller Course

For the area of Traffic Signal Controllers, ATC's technical staff provide detailed courses on the operation and fault finding methodologies of its ATSC4 Traffic Signal Controller

This course focuses on the installation of an ATSC4 Traffic Signal Controller, and its interfacing to all external interfaces such as signal lanterns and vehicle detector loops and how to fault find once a controller is installed.

This course is suited to traffic authority personnel who are responsible for the maintenance of any ATC Traffic Signal Controller.

For details click on ATSC4 Traffic Signal Controller Course.

Personality Generation Course

This course is for designers who write personality configuration data for Traffic Signal Controllers or who intend to undertake this task.

For details on this click on Personality Generation Course.

Traffic Signal Intersection Design Course

    This training course is dedicated to the design of intersections and optimisation of the timings related to the ATSC4 Traffic Signal Controller that is an integral part of any Urban Traffic Control solution.