Introducing the System Interface Device (SID) for SCATS® systems that acts as a protocol converter between a SCATS® Traffic Control system and a foreign non-SCATS® compliant Traffic Signal Controller.

The SID device is a low cost way of preserving the investment a traffic authority has made in Traffic Signal Controllers that have been purchased or manufactured overseas with different specifications to a SCATS® compliant controller made in Australia.

The SID is based on the same high performance industrial temperature rated processor used in the ATSC4 so it is reliable in the most trying of environmental conditions and uses the same personality configuration file used in SCATS® compliant controllers.

The unit has an auto-ranging power supply for use in most parts of the world and interfaces to foreign controllers with either a serial interface or Digital Input/Output lines called Hold/Run pulses to control the foreign system to moving phases in accordance with SCATS®' adaptive commands as occurs with SCATS® compliant controllers.

There are two types of SID units, 

  1. one compatible with the American TS2 standard for Traffic Signal Controllers SID Type I
  2. and the second compatible with the European XXXX Standard ES-66666. SID Type II

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For information about integrating a non SCATS®-compatible Traffic Signal Controller using one of ATC's SID products please contact ATC's Marketing Manager on +61 2 8846 5500 or by email to Request SID product information.