Our First Generation Traffic Controller

The Alpha16 was ATC's first generation controller and designed to comply with Roads & Maritime Services (RMS) TSC/3 Specification and to handle up to 24 Signal (Phase) Groups with loads up to 700 Watts.

All Alpha16's were microprocessor controlled and had an internal conflict monitoring system as well as vehicle detection modules. Access to Alpha16's processor was via a standard Hand Held Terminal (HHT) or ATC's graphical user interface the ATSUI windows program.

This product line has been discontinued and is now replaced by the more modern and recent ATSC4 Traffic Signal Controller however, inline with its commitment to traffic authorities who have purchase Alpha16 controllers, spare parts are available..

Existing customers of ATC's Alpha16 Controller can obtain spare parts and module RMAs from ATC by contacting ATC's Product Manager on +61 2 8846 5500 or by webrequest for Alpha16 Spare Parts

Click on the Part Numbers Table for part numbers required for any spare parts orders.

If you are an existing Alpha16 customer and wish to request a quote for spare parts, click on REQUEST  QUOTE.