Aldridge Traffic Controllers has a team of experienced traffic engineering professionals that can provide consultancy services for adaptive traffic control systems such as SCATS®.

It can liaise with consulting construction civil engineers designing roads and signalling or town planners to provide the end user with an efficient and functional urban traffic control system.

ATC can offer consultancy services in the design and specification of SCATS® Urban Traffic Control systems, Intersection Design with emphasis on signalling design and specifying the Traffic Signal Controllers

The result is a fully specified end-to-end solution for efficient adaptive traffic management including IT platform, communications media and best practice for traffic management.

Aldridge Traffic Controllers is an authorised distributor of the SCATS® fully adaptive Urban Traffic Control system and a manufacturer of its SCATS® Compliant Traffic Signal Controllers. It can provide those services all around the world and has delivered such systems to Asia, Americas, Middle East and the Asia-Pacific.

To discuss potential or current projects, contact ATC's Sales and Marketing team on +61 2 8846 5500, by Email or go to Contact Us for other methods.