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Prioritising Essential Vehicles

SCATS Priority Engine (SPE) offers advanced traffic management for signalised intersections. SPE can be configured for any road network to prioritise the movement of essential vehicles through traffic, reducing travel time for emergency and freight vehicles, and facilitating more reliable on-time public transport.

How it Works

As vehicles move through the SCATS network, their GPS location is relayed over the cellular network to a Vehicle Tracking System* which communicates with SPE. This information is processed by SCATS and signals along the vehicle’s route are coordinated to provide a green wave and prioritised transit.

Each priority vehicles’ estimated arrival time, entry lane and departure lane are sent to SPE on approach to each intersection. Depending on the vehicle’s arrival time, SPE then ensures that traffic signals along the route are changed to green or that the green phase is extended to provide uninterrupted transit throughout the road network.

SPE can also be preconfigured to give priority to some vehicles over others when there are multiple competing demands.

*Vehicle Tracking System is not part of the SPE Software.


Watch this short video to learn more about SCATS Priority Engine.

Key Features

  • Integrates easily with SCATS Core products
  • Highly configurable depending on the needs of the city
  • Real-time interactive map and table of priority requests
  • User friendly graphical interface
  • Predefine order of importance for simultaneous priority requests
  • Provides access to data for detailed analysis and management


For residents outside of Australia and New Zealand, please submit an enquiry for more information. All Australian and New Zealand residents should contact SCATS Customer and Sales team directly.