Any traffic signal controller that is compliant to the TSC/4 specification written by the Roads and Maritime Services of N.S.W, Australia must use a Cardbus Card (PCMCIA Type I Slot Card) in order for the controller to operate or communicate with the SCATS® Urban Traffic Control system.

The Cardbus Card is designed to be compatible with any Traffic Signal Controller manufacturer - so a personality card can be moved from the logic rack of one brand to that of another brand without modification.

Each Cardbus Card is designed with industrial temperature range to cope with the high or low temperatures experienced inside the Traffic Signal Controller cabinets.

ATC manufacture and sell these Cardbus Cards as well as the programming device known as the USB Cardbus Programmer that can be interfaced to a PC. The Cardbus Card uses flash memory to store its configuration data in accordance with the specifications designed by the RTA of NSW, Australia.

 For more information on the Cardbus Cards please contact ATC's Marketing Manager on +61 2 8846 5500 or by Email.