Traffic Engineering is a set of practices that relate to the design of a road intersection and the signalling to be used to control the flow of vehicles and pedestrians safely and efficiently.

ATC is able to provide traffic authorities or civil engineering consultants with advice on the signal design for a given road, number of lanes and expected traffic volumes. This capability extends to specifying the Traffic Signal Controller and personality design of the Controller.

This service is designed to complement its distribution of the SCATS® Urban Traffic Control system software which is fully adaptive as well as the manufacture and sale of  its ATSC4 Traffic Signal Controller.

Intersection Design and Adaptive Engineering

This service is carried out in the road planning phase of a project and will determine how many signals and what type of configuration they should be in.
For more information click on Traffic Intersection Design

Controller Customisation Service

This service is provided on a custom basis in accordance with the end user when special features are required such as Tram Detectors or Interposing relays are required or any other feature a Traffic Signal Controller requires to meet local needs.
For more information click on Controller Customisation Service.

Logic Rack Kits

For overseas markets, ATC can provide its proven and reliable ATSC4 Logic Rack and wiring looms as a kit for distributors who have the capability of building their own cabinet that is compliant to the local electrical regulations of a country or province. This allows the distributor or the ATSC4 product to add value to the solution being sold, but with the reliability and safety features of a TSC/4 compliant controller core.

The ATSC4 Logic Rack has a power supply that is capable of working in 220-240vac and 110vac, 50 or 60Hz environments and to drive many types of lanterns loads including LED, Quartz Halogen and Incandescent types.

For more information on purchasing ATSC4 Logic Rack kits for local integration, please contact ATC's Marketing Manager on +61 2 8846 5500 or submit a Webrequest for Information about Logic Rack Kits and an ATC representative will contact you.