Interact with the ATSC4 Controller

All TSC/4 compliant Traffic Signal Controllers have been specified to provide a serial port designated as the "HHT" port on very controller regardless of manufacturer.

The controller specification also covers the terminal emulation setting to allow users to use numbered menu keys to carry out actions with the controller, such as reading settings, changing times and viewing lamp states, wattages and other information made available from the Controller's memory.

TSC/4 Compliant Hand Held Terminal Unit

The HHT device is designed to be stored in a HHT holder located on the inside face of the controller cabinet door and comes with a serial cable that is plugged into the "XM" port of the controller whenever service personnel want to interact with the controller.

ATC sell a Hand Held Terminal device to perform such actions in parallel to its ATSUI graphical user interface program that runs on a Windows® laptop.

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