Supported by the SCATS Data Cornerstone platform, ITSLink is a newly available API for SCATS 6.9.4 that enables other ITS systems to securely interface with SCATS. While ITSLink offers an alternative to ITS Port, it can be used in conjunction with the legacy interface without replacing it.

The initial release of ITSLink comes standard with a set number of messages, but functionality is set to increase to support the integration of more advanced ITS products and more detailed data retrieval in the future.

Supported ITS Link requests:

  • Map Data Request (.xer .uper)
  • Site Priority Configuration Request
  • Site Graphics Request
  • Map Tile Request
  • Spatial Data Request (.GeoJson)
  • Site Monitor Request
  • Site Cancel Request

C-ITS Map Data Messages:

  • SAE J2735 SEP2015
  • SAE J2735 MAR2016
  • SAE J2735 MAR2016
  • CODHA ETSI 1.4.1


SCATS® ITSLink is not a standalone application and requires the SCATS® Core Software to operate. This application can be purchased separately by existing SCATS users.

For more information or to order the ITSLink application, email