ATC have developed a range of traffic signal controllers that are integrated with Uninterruptible Power Supply units that provide operational continuity in the event of loss of Mains AC power.

ATC's engineers created a single cabinet solution for small to medium intersections that cater up to 8 signal groups with a maximum load of 450VA.

At this maximum load level, the UPS and Battery combination provide approximately 4 hours of backup time. If the load level is less than the maximum then users can expect a longer backup time in the event of loss of Mains AC.

The UPS and Batteries are rated to industrial temperature range and are designed to operate in hot and cold conditions as the UPS has sophisticated battery charging alrgorithms that depend on the ambient temperature of the batteries.

The UPS charging unit has a front panel interface that allows service personnel to view the status of all critical values such as input, output voltages and currents as well as time of loss of Mains AC.

ATC believe this product ensures that traffic authorities right around the world can benefit from this combination in preventing traffic grid lock at critical times when the local electricity supply in cutoff.

The ATSC4 Logic Rack has been designed with the latest state of the art surface mount componentry to minimise power wastage and maximise the uptime of the UPS.

This tightly integrated package offers traffic authorities the benefit of having a UPS backed up Traffic Signal Contoller that requires no additional civil works or electrical integration in a single cabinet as for normal Traffic Signal Controller installations.

The inclusion of the UPS and Batteries do not impede access to all of the field terminal interfaces such as the Loop Termination Panel and Signal Group terminal blocks.

Service personnel have full and easy access to all terminal interfaces just as they do in a normal Traffic Signal Controller.

This product can be deployed anywhere in the world in both 50Hz and 60Hz environments as well as inputs voltages of 110, 220 and 240v ac.

For more product information please contact ATC's Sales and Marketing Manager telephone +61 2 8846 5500 or by email.

For information on the Traffic Signal Controllers with UPS that can support Large Intersection with up to 24 groups (phases), then click on the External Controller with UPS (ECUPS) product link.