SCATS® Release Features

As with many software based products, SCATS® has numerous revisions and each one has new features and fixes to its operation.

This web page provides an overview of the major release of Version 6.X of the SCATS® Core software and the user is able to navigate to each version and get a bullet point summary of the major features and fixes that a particular version includes.

End users are encouraged to update their version of SCATS® to the latest version as there are numerous improvements to the product and features that allow SCATS to integrate to the enterprise for exchange and analysis of the data it collects.



Updating SCATS

If end users have any version that is not the latest, then you can view the SCATS Upgrade page that details the steps needed to upgrade the following versions:

  • 6.1 to 6.3
  • 6.4
  • 6.5
  • 6.6
  • 6.7
  • 6.8

Should you have any query about upgrading, ATC can offer assistance and incentive pricing to upgrade your existing SCATS systems to the latest version and provide guidance if your existing version is 5.X or earlier. Fill our our web enquiry form and an ATC representative will get in contact with you.