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Universal Software for Smart Cities

SCATS Cornerstone, a universal software system developed for smart cities.

Smart cities rely on many different systems to manage the transportation network. SCATS Cornerstone provides uniform digital copies of intersections, critical for the effective performance of traffic management systems, modelling applications and connected & autonomous vehicles.

For use with or without SCATS, SCATS Cornerstone ensures consistent intersection data for use by current and future ITS technologies.

Key features

  • Supports local and global spatial configurations
  • An intuitive, easy to use UI allows for efficient intersection setup and management
  • A scalable, adaptable system designed to consider future ITS needs
  • Provides a uniform and authoritative data source for all intersection data
  • Can be used with or without SCATS


How does SCATS Cornerstone work?

The intersection layout and the phase (traffic signal state) configuration is entered into the SCATS Cornerstone system, creating a digital copy and virtual representation of the road network.

The digital copy of the intersection layout can be developed from a CAD drawing or any other mapping data source such as Google Maps. SCATS Cornerstone makes the data available in standardised formats required for different ITS applications.



Upgrade to SCATS Cornerstone

The SCATS Cornerstone software supports comprehensive advancements in adaptive traffic management and is an essential upgrade for all SCATS 6.9.4 users. For further information or to place an order the SCATS Data Cornerstone package, please submit a product enquiry here.


Using an older version of SCATS?

Upgrade to SCATS 6.9.4 and enjoy the following features and benefits: 


For residents outside of Australia and New Zealand, please submit an enquiry for more information. All Australian and New Zealand residents should contact SCATS Customer and Sales team directly.