The business world is undergoing a major transformation in moving from a paper based world to an electronic one at a pace that is unrelenting.

Modern day business transactions are done over the internet and that has also driven the hunger for more information and for that information to be readily available.

Now, people produce and consume information in smaller parcels and more frequently with the advent of social media outlets such as Twitter, Blogs and De.Li.Ci.Ous other sharing channels.

ATC has sought to establish a presence on those social media outlets with a view to making information readily available to its customers as people want to be notified of new information but also to act on it by responding and contributing new ideas and opinions in a manner that is quick and less formal.

@atctraffic on Twitter  

@ATCTRAFFIC is the name of the account ATC use to publish short messages on the internet that customers or just interested parties can follow for any new announcements. Twitter allows messages up to 140 characters only and can include links to ATC web pages or any other internet web page.

Most smartphone, tablet computers and any modern browser can access the Twitter website and you will need to join and once you do you can search for @ATCTRAFFIC and follow us so you are automatically notified when ATC announces new products or information or links to sites of interest to users of its products worldwide.

Urban Traffic Control Blog  

Aldridge Traffic Controllers has also made use of the internet weblogs to provide information to its users and the general Road Traffic Engineering community by publishing two weblogs from time to time, including links to articles that are of interest to different sections of the Road Traffic Engineering community.

ATC author a blog called Urban Traffic Control systems such as the fully adaptive SCATS system, discussing issues of design and implementation, as a free flowing written page or often referring to related articles on other sites as a means of generating discussion or simply sharing new ideas. As an end user you can add your own comments on those blogs and this is how companies now "share" information more freely - the world wants information now to better deal with issues in a timely manner.

Traffic Engineering Blog  

ATC also author a second blog called Traffic Engineering that is targeted at the Traffic Signal Control and Advanced Warning Sign Controller devices as these systems are the workhorses of the SCATS adaptive urban traffic control system and deals more with field related issues, personality programming, NGEN and signal design best practices.