Top Hat

The Top Hat is an all aluminium extension to the ATSC4 compliant housing or cabinet used for Australian Traffic Signal Controllers to allow other equipment to be added to the controller such as Red Light Cameras, Speed Cameras and other ITS appliances.

This product can be ordered at the time of manufacture or retro-fitted to an existing controller and fits on top of ATSC4 controller cabinet, increasing the total height by 450mm plus the existing lid.

The top hat has 19" rack mounting positions that use the commonly available cage nuts to secure 19" rack mountable equipment and the remaining space provides a vertical gear tray at 250mm depth to allow any switchgear or DIN rail mountable devices such as Circuit Breakers, sensors and other similar equipment.

The Top Hat product has an overall dimension as follows:

800mm Wide x 420mm Deep x 450mm High

The finish of the Top Hat is a graffiti resistant powder coated paint that is designed for long life and minimal fading characteristics.

For a quote or information about the availability of purchasing the Top Hat product, please contact ATC's Marketing Manager on +61 2 8846 5500 or by web request for Top Hat Quote via email.