The SCATS® Server Optional Software Applications are a group of applications that are "producers" of data and as such can "serve" that data to users and/or other applications.

For maintenance and engineering managers, Event Generator Server is software that effectively "creates" new events and alarms for devices that are no SCATS® compatible such as the ATSC4 Traffic Signal Controller. As such, devices such as pumps, water tank monitors, environmental monitors like temperature, pressure and others sometimes cannot report that data as they are too far away from a communications medium or is uneconomic to install a communications device for 1 or 2 points to monitor. The Event Generator Server can create those events via data reported by Traffic Signal Controllers as if they were SCATS® Compliant and be date/time stamped and logged for future history or analysis.

The SMS Server application software effectively allows alarms and events to trigger an SMS to be sent to an intended user such as field maintenance personnel or managers to monitor critical alarms that require an immediate response. The SMS Server allows specific alarms in a region or specific intersection to cause an SMS to be sent to a cell or mobile phone so that personnel can respond quickly to that alarm or event.

Unusual Congestion Server works in tandem with the SCATS® UTC system to analyse the data along given roads or "corridors" that are being controlled by SCATS® via SCATS® Compliant Traffic Signal Controllers and using the Degree of Saturations (DS) and other data can automatically report where along a given route there is unusual congestion such as a traffic accident or major event occurring so it can be attended to.

When an end user purchases the SCATS® Core System, they receive the software and relevant license hardware dongles to use that software.

With the Server Optional Software Suite, the end user can purchase them at the same time as purchasing SCATS® or can buy them at a later date and use them.

The list of SCATS® Server Optional Software Applications includes:

Some software applications that are closely related are also offered as a suite at a bundled price.

For more information on the SCATS® Server Optional Software Applications please contact ATC's Marketing Manager on +61 2 8846 5599 or by Email.