SCATS Distribution Partners

The SCATS® Specialists

ATC are an authorised distributor of the world leading SCATS® Urban Traffic Management Control (UTMC) System. We have a large team of SCATS® qualified technical personnel to support customers in the design, deployment and implementation of the SCATS® system.

What is SCATS®?

The SCATS® UTMC is an MS-Windows based software solution that works in a tiered fashion via 1 or more Regional Controllers (RC) that means traffic authorities are getting a highly redundant and therefore resilient system for maximum visibility and control of traffic. A SCATS® system generally has a designated Central Manager (CM) and one or more RCs which may run on the same physical server or different physical servers located in other geographic locations. A central Manager can manage up to 64 RC systems. Each RC is uniquely identified and can perform coordination on a maximum of 250 intersection Traffic Signal Controllers.

SCATS User Interface Screenshot

Continuous Intersection Control

A loss of communications between a Central Manager and a Regional Computer or between a Regional Computer and Traffic Signal Controllers does not result in a loss of service but a continued services with modified behavior and continued control of the intersection at all times. In addition, SCATS(R) provides a fallback configuration whereby the ATSC4 controller will store the optimal time settings used by SCATS to ensure that intersection stays in synchronisation of its signal timing as if SCATS were controlling that intersection (as well as the other intersections in a coordinated signal corridor), this means the road users will not be affected by the temporary loss of communications to SCATS.

SCATS® Compliant Traffic Signal Controllers

ATC have designed its latest generation of the ATSC4 Traffic Signal Controller to be compatible with SCATS® to provide traffic authorities with a single supplier solution for complete Urban Traffic Management Systems. 

SCATS New Cities

SCATS is a leading adaptive traffic signalling control system with over 40 years of development by TfNSW who use SCATS themselves in Sydney Australia with over 4200 intersections under control of one system. ATC can assist with any city around the world wishing to implement this leading Adaptive Traffic Signal Control System by contacting ATC's Marketing Manager by telephone on +61 2 8846 5599 or by email and ATC will work with the end user to install and commission the system as well as provide training to the Operators and Configuration personnel.