Sydney, November 2008

ATC is looking forward to expanding its offering to the world traffic control industry.

This opportunity has long been an objective of the company and ATC is committed to delivering quality services to customers following the vote of confidence shown by the RMS of NSW in granting ATC this SCATS distribution licence.

ATC is a quality endorsed company with a quality management system covering all the requirements of the standard, with a dedicated department ensuring the management, monitoring and improvement of the quality assurance system.

ATC has been working toward this eventful day reviewing the overseas market and setting up strategies to deliver quality services to SCATS users. ATC has set-up a new company structure which will include services delivered by qualified experts, many of which have been trained by the RMS, and others who have had years of experience working in the traffic management industry for both government organisations and private companies.

ATC will not only deliver SCATS software to international customers but will also provide support services from its network of SCATS practitioners and traffic engineering staff. ATC services will include, traffic signal design, adaptive engineering services for controller customisation, training courses in both SCATS and controller operation, controller and SCATS help desk support will be available with dedicated customer log-ins to the 24/7 ATC internet help desk facility, SCATS installation and optimisation services will also be offered.

ATC has a excellent reputation for customer service and project delivery. This approach to customers will continue with support from its network of “Centres of Excellence” around the world, strategically located to provide a quick and personal response to customers.

ATC recognises the inherent value of the iconic SCATS brand to its business and has setp a company structure to deliver the required services with many experts in the field trained by the RMS, and others who have had years of experience working in the traffic management industry for both government and private organisations.

Our substantial resources and efforts are totally committed to designing, manufacturing and supplying products and services including project management to the traffic management industry.

ATC is always seeking to expand into new markets for its lineup of products, and it is constantly looking to expand its range with innovative and useful value added products.

The company has focused on the development of a new SCATS compatible traffic signal controller (ATSC4) which is being manufactured to meet the (RTA) RMS TSC/4 specification. The ATSC4 controller has already been granted type approval by Vicroads Australia.

For more information on the entry of ATC into the traffic control system market please contact Mr. Dan Youngman, Marketing Manager on +61 2 8846 5599 and Mobile: +61 414 333 468

Alternatively, please visit the ATC website: