Aldridge Traffic Controllers (ATC) have installed their Traffic Management Solutions in many cities around the world and now ATC’s Managing Director Andrew Bull is proud to announce their ATSC4 VC6 Traffic Signal Controller has been selected for use on Dublin’s Luas Cross City Light Rail project.

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ATC’s partners in Ireland, Civic Integrated Solutions are an approved supplier to Dublin City Council (DCC) of the ATSC4 VC6 SCATS® traffic controller and BRAUMS pedestrian push button and audio tactile controllers. In October 2016, Andrew Bull along with Neil Cunningham Managing Director of Civic Integrated Solutions introduced the ATSC4 VC6 controller to Dublin City Council. The first ATSC4 VC6 site went live on 8th December 2016 when it was successfully installed at Castleforbes / Mayor St light rail junction.

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Dublin City has a new light rail line which will pass through 25 SCATS® traffic junctions and 10 pedestrian crossings. Given the additional functionality offered by ATC’s VC6, DCC made the smart decision to specify VC6 instead of the previous generation VC5 controllers at all the major traffic intersections. The project, aptly named, Luas Cross City, is the next phase of Dublin’s integrated light rail network.  Luas Cross City will extend the existing Luas Green Line from St. Stephen’s Green West to the Iarnród Éireann Broombridge Station in Cabra. Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) is delivering the project with funding being provided by the National Transport Authority. The project is being undertaken in close collaboration with Dublin City Council who are the administrative body responsible for Dublin City. The cost of this project is €368 million and it's one of the largest capital investment projects being undertaken by the government at the moment. It's the extension of the Luas Green line creating an interchange with the red line. There will be 13 new stops with 8 of these in the core city centre area.

Live testing of the new tram line commenced on 6th June 2017. Bob Lemon from ATC travelled to Dublin for the week prior to the test to support DCC with training on the new ATC VC6 controller.

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The new line is expected to be fully operational with paying passengers by December 2017.

As the only Company with a VC6TRAFF RMS Approved Traffic Signal controller, ATC are at the forefront of technology in the global market for Design and Engineering of SCATS® Traffic Signal Controllers.

ATC have been supporting Dublin City Council since 2008 when they first won the DCC maintenance contract for the SCATS® Traffic Management Software. Paul Milazzo, ATC’s SCATS® product manager has worked with DCC to provide an additional ~130 SCATS® Connects to the DCC network.

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New Traffic Intersection locations along the LUAS Cross City Line with ATSC4 VC 6 Controllers.

ATC are a proud Australian Adaptive Traffic & Electronics Engineering and manufacturing Company and are leaders in the C-ITS Industry. Through our ongoing investment in R&D including Vehicle to infrastructure Communications, we continue to deliver our Australian and International clients the best available solutions to reduce travel times, improve vehicle and pedestrian safety and improve overall network efficiency. 

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