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New SCATS Software Available

SCATS Cornerstone is a universal software system developed for smart cities. This new spatial data and integration platform will transform the way we manage our transport network. For use with or without SCATS, SCATS Cornerstone ensures consistent intersection data for use by current and future ITS technologies,. It provides increased visibility of the transport network and improved adaptive traffic management using C-ITS connected vehicle technology and real-time spatial data analysis.

How does SCATS Cornerstone work?

The intersection layout and the phase (traffic signal state) configuration is entered into the SCATS Cornerstone system, creating a digital copy and virtual representation of the road network.
The digital copy of the intersection layout can be developed from a CAD drawing or any other mapping data source such as Google Maps. SCATS Cornerstone makes the data available in standardised formats required for different ITS applications.

Watch this short video to learn more about SCATS Cornerstone.

ATC - International SCATS Distributors

As a leading international distributor of SCATS and manufacturers of SCATS VC6 DSRC & V2X ready traffic signal controllers, ATC look forward to assisting with the implementation of this innovative new spatial data platform, both locally and abroad.

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