Transmax welcomes ATC as a reseller of its STREAMS Roadscape product

Transmax Pty Ltd and Aldridge Traffic Controllers (ATC) Pty Ltd are pleased to announce the formalising of their partnership through ATC’s signing of a STREAMS Roadscape Reseller Agreement.

The agreement, signed on 19 February 2015, allows ATC to distribute Transmax’s STREAMS Roadscape software product to customers globally outside of Australia and New Zealand, and provide support services to those customers.

Jamie Smith, Transmax CEO, said the company was delighted that ATC has taken the lead in distributing STREAMS Roadscape to SCATS® customers around the world.

Transmax Handshake

“STREAMS Roadscape is an integrated ITS software solution that allows customers with a SCATS® installation to visualise and manage their arterial network from a unified map-based interface,” Jamie said.

“ATC is a trusted company in Australia with years of experience with SCATS® customers, so we are very pleased to be partnering with them to bring our STREAMS Roadscape to international markets,” he said.

ATC’s M.D. Andrew Bull said the agreement with Transmax would allow them to expand the portfolio of products it offers customers.

“STREAMS Roadscape is a product we are fortunate to be adding to our portfolio of products we offer international customers.

“In particular, those customers with an existing SCATS® installation will be able to get a lot more value out of traffic signal management with STREAMS Roadscape in place.

“It provides them with an integrated ITS platform that interfaces to SCATS® and the software is set up so that other ITS functionality such as CCTV cameras, electronic road speed and message signs, can be added when the need arises.

“We are looking forward to working with Transmax to introduce this exciting product to countries who could benefit greatly from this innovative ITS software,” Andrew said.


 RoadscapeSTREAMS Roadscape, developed from Transmax’s flagship product STREAMS, is an off-the-shelf ITS interface that adds significant value to SCATS® installations to maximise arterial road network efficiency. It allows customers to holistically visualise and manage their arterial network from a unified map-based interface. Please visit the Transmax website for more information.

About ATC

Aldridge Traffic Controllers Pty Ltd is an Australian owned company with Manufacturing and Research & Development facilities in Rydalmere NSW Australia. ATC is committed to the design, manufacture, supply and integration of products and services to the Intelligent Transportation industry.

ATC can deliver and Integrate SCATS® and STREAMS Roadscape software along with the most advanced SCATS® Traffic Signal Controller (ATSC4) to international customers. ATC also provides support services via its network of SCATS® practitioners, traffic engineering staff and web-based Help Desk.

ATC is a quality Endorsed Company to ISO 9001. ATC employs approximately 50 staff for its in house manufacturing facilities. ATC also has a full time research and development team whose main focus has been the development of traffic signal controllers and associated ITS hardware and software products.

About Transmax

Transmax is a full-service Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) solutions provider that develops, deploys and supports the international award-winning ITS platform STREAMS. We offer customers systems engineering, software design and development, along with a range of consulting and support services throughout the entire ITS lifecycle.We place our customers at the centre of everything we do. We are committed to the highest standards of quality, and work collaboratively with our customers to ensure our products are purpose-fit for their specific needs. Our products and services are innovative and unique – designed by experts and delivered with customer service excellence.With over 40 years’ experience developing, implementing and managing ITS, we help our customers realise the community benefits of optimising transport networks by providing smarter, more sustainable ITS solutions.Contact usFor more information about STREAMS Roadscape, please visit or