ATC has developed a standalone USB based Personality Writer or Programmer to write personalities written using the NGEN software on a Windows based PC (Windows XP and Win 7 compatible) onto a Cardbus Card.

 The personality file is in S16 format (Intel) as generated by NGEN, and the personality writer also checks the CHECKSUM of the personality file.

The USB Personality Writer is powered by a 12vdc power pack and connects to a Windows based PC with a USB cable. The unit is supplied with a CD which installs the USB driver as well as a Windows Application used to open the personality file, verify it and then write it to the Cardbus Card.

 The ATC USB Personality Writer can also be used to read an existing Cardbus Card that has a personality file loaded onto already and can be copied or erased.

It is to be noted that the USB Personality Writer can program any personality for any TSC/4 compliant Traffic Signal Controller such as the ATSC/4.

The application provides visual and textual feedback of the content written and a PASS/FAIL status so the user can be confident the image was written correctly.

For more information contact ATC's Marketing Manager on +61 2 8846 5500 or via email for a quote on the USB Personality Writer.