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ATT Systems India

ATT Systems India Private Limited is the appointed sub-distributor to market and distribute SCATS® Software in India and Sri Lanka.

ATT Systems India is an experienced systems designer and implementer in the Traffic Industry including tolling and other ITS applications.

The company has invested time and effort in training staff in SCATS® Adaptive Urban Traffic Control systems as well as design and implementation of site personalities for the ATSC4 Traffic Signal Controller that ATC manufacture.

ATT can also offer the ATC Logic Rack and Field Terminals integrated into a localised cabinet to meet local regulatory electrical and communication requirements.

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Serco is a UK based company with some 70,000 employees worldwide with operations across many countries and industries including Road Traffic.

Serco has signed a Mutual Cooperation agreement to bid for large Traffic Infrastructure projects that encompass high value technically complex projects that require adaptive Urban Traffic Control systems.

Serco have trained staff in the application and deployment of SCATS® Adaptive Traffic Management System as well as designing personalities for the SCATS® Compliant ATSC4 Traffic Signal Controller. Contact Serco UK or ATC for further information.