Middle East ITS

A long established company that services the needs of the road traffic industry over a wide area covering many middle east countries including Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Omani, U.A.E, Jordan and others.

ATC has appointed Middle East ITS as its sub-distributor for SCATS® and ATSC4 Traffic Signal Controllers as it has many staff who are qualified SCATS® practitioners trained in Australia.

They can also design and implement personalities for Traffic Signal Controllers such as the ATSC4.

For information about SCATS® and the ATSC4 in the middle east contact Middle East ITS.

Global Projects Kuwait sub-distributor

Global Projects Kuwait

Global Projects located in Kuwait City, Kuwait is a road traffic industry product and service provider that has served local traffic authorities for a number of years.

Global Projects has delivered a number of projects in the law enforcement, security and traffic signalling.

Contact Global Projects for information about SCATS and the ATSC4 Controller in Kuwait and Middle East countries.


Serco is a UK based company with some 70,000 employees worldwide with operations across many countries and industries including Road Traffic.

Serco has signed a Mutual Cooperation agreement to bid for large Traffic Infrastructure projects that encompass high value technically complex projects that require adaptive Urban Traffic Control systems.

Serco have trained staff in the application and deployment of SCATS Adaptive Traffic Management System as well as designing personalities for the SCATS® Compliant ATSC4 Traffic Signal Controller.

Contact Serco UK or ATC for further information.

TolLink Pakistan

TolLink Pakistan is a company that is part of the Efkon group and provides Toll Road Management systems and other road traffic systems.

ATC has appointed TolLink Pakistan as its SCATS and ATSC4 sub-distributor since 2009. In that time, it has delivered a number of SCATS compliant ATSC4 Traffic Signal Controllers as well as SCATS.

It has a number of personnel who are SCATS practitioners and implementers that can assist with scoping and designing a SCATS system including Traffic Signal Controllers.

To contact TolLink Pakistan, please contact Mr Riffat Ejaz Nur on +92 300 854 2791, email rejaznur@tollink.com.pk.

Tollink Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd
H# 9, National Police Foundation, Sector E-11/4,
Islamabad, Pakistan
Tel: +92 51 22 22 005
Fax: +92 51 22 22 008
URL: www.tollink.com.pk