NGEN Personality Generation Training Course

The ATSC4 Traffic Signal Controller is a sophisticated traffic management device, built to the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) of NSW Australia specification TSC/4.

Each ATSC4 Traffic Signal Controller needs to be programmed to meet the requirements of the traffic intersection design. NGEN is a windows based program which can perform the tasks needed to setup the controller for effective and safe operation. Such intersection configurations are commonly known as "Personalities" and these encode how traffic signals operate with or without the SCATS Traffic Control system.

Target Audience

  • Traffic Signal Technicians,
  • Traffic Signal Engineers,
  • Road Authority staff responsible for traffic signals
  • Consulting Engineers in the ITS signals field.


This course is aimed at traffic management staff employed to develop traffic signal controller personalities. This is an introductory course aimed at professionals involved in the ITS field and are familiar or exposed to traffic signals at intersections. This course is designed at gaining at understanding in the signal phasing using in fully adaptive traffic signalling systems such as SCATS® required to manage road traffic and pedestrians at a signalised intersection.

Participants should be familiar with traffic signal operation and the traffic signal design process and be familiar with some of the terminology used in this field, though it is covered during the course.

Students will be provided with documentation and training course notes to review prior to attending the course and should also bring local traffic signal design plans to the course.

Course Summary

Course participants will be provided with the skills and knowledge to review signal plans, analyse and understand the designer’s concept of operation and create an appropriate controller personality. The student will have the opportunity to create personalities ranging from standard to large intersection configurations.

Each participant is provided with a laptop and access to the NGEN software to create personalities and test them on actual traffic signal controllers. In addition, participants will also be shown how to simulate the personalities using the WinTRAFF software on a PC to soft test a personality prior to installing it to an ATSC4 controller to do initial validation.

For more information on the course, course content or booking please contact ATC's Marketing Manager Mr Andrew Bull by clicking on NGEN Personality Generation Enquiry or phone +61 (2) 8846 5500.

For information on the related software to NGEN such as WinTRAFF and others please refer to the "Related Links" window of this web page.