Aldridge Traffic Controllers (ATC) are an Roads and Maritime Services authorised Distributor of the world leading SCATS® Urban Traffic Management Control (UTMC) System.

ATC have a large team of SCATS® Urban Traffic Management System qualified technical personnel to support customers in the design, deployment and implementation of the SCATS® system including the supply of its own Traffic Signal Controllers giving clients a total system solution.

The SCATS® Urban Traffic Management System is a MS-Windows based software solution that works in a tiered fashion via 1 or more Regional Controllers (RC) that means traffic authorities are getting a highly redundant and therefore resilient system for maximum visibility and control of traffic.

A SCATS® system generally has a designated Central Manager (CM) and one or more Regional Computers (RC) which may run on the same physical server or different physical servers located in other geographic locations. A central Manager can manage up to 64 Regional Computer systems. Each Regional Computer is uniquely identified and can perform coordination on a maximum of 250 intersection's Traffic Signal Controllers.

A loss of communications between a Central Manager and a Regional Computer or between a Regional Computer and Traffic Signal Controllers does not result in a loss of service but a continued services with modified behaviour and continued control of the intersection at all times.

ATC have designed its latest generation of Traffic Signal Controller to be compatible with SCATS® to provide traffic authorities with a single supplier solution for complete Urban Traffic Management Systems.

For more information on the SCATS® Traffic Management System contact atc by clicking here.

For an introduction to the Adaptive Urban Traffic Control by SCATS® a freely downloadable document is available here titled an "Introduction to SCATS® 6".

Alternatively, contact ATC's Sales and Marketing Manager at ATC's Sydney office number +61 2 8846 5599 or by email.