The SCATS® system collects a large number of parameters from each Traffic Signal Controller in the field.

The data that SCATS® collects is made available to applications that can further process and interpret this data.

There are a number of applications that are available for this purpose and each product is documented on this site.

When an end user purchases the SCATS® Core System, they receive the software and relevant license hardware dongles to use that software.

With the Optional Software Suite, the end user can purchase them at the same time as purchasing SCATS® or can buy them at a later date and use them.

The list of Optional Software Applications includes:

  • Traffic Reporter
  • SCATS Alert
  • SCATS Alarm Analyzer
  • SCATS Communications Monitor
  • SCATS History Reader

Some software applications that are closely related are also offered as a suite at a bundled price.

 For more information on the SCATS® Optional Software Applications please contact ATC on +61 2 8846 5500 or by Email.