To support our client base in maintaining their assets ATC have put in place a web based Return Materials Authorization system.This allows a user to login to request an RMA number and once approved by ATC staff.

Once the approval is given, the client can ship the product to ATC for repair. The RMA system will notify ATC of this and immediately start a workflow process that tracks the investigation and repair of the module.

The RMA system will confirm receipt of the goods by issueing an email to the orignator.Once the module is shipped, the RMA System will send an email notification to the originator.Being a web based system allows a client to check on the status of the module at any time 24 x 7 without having to send emails or make phone calls in an effort to find out status information of the module.

ATC believes this to be a better way to support clients especially those located outside of Australia who are on different time zones.

To request an RMA number, a client needs to have an account to access ATC's Member Zone.

Please Contact the web site administrator to request an account be setup if you don't have one. Click on the RMA System Tool Icon to lodge an ATC Module for repair and refer to RMA User Guide  for instructions how to lodge an RMA.