The Kwinana Freeway recently opened after being upgraded with Navtech Radar Stopped Vehicle Detection (SVD).  The system was supplied by Aldridge Traffic Controllers, in partnership with the Smartway Alliance, who performed the installation. The project marks the first Navtech Radar SVD installation for Australian freeways.

Navtech Radar SVD installed on the Kwinana Freeway

Navtech CTS350-X Radar installed on the Kwinana Freeway

Detecting stopped vehicles is one of the biggest challenges facing the implementation of smart freeways. In the past, authorities would only be notified about the presence of a stopped vehicle after a member of the public had alerted emergency services, which can take up to seventeen minutes. This leaves road users and the stranded vehicle in danger. Instead, the rule-based software of the SVD system monitors the entire width of a motorway. This allows incidents to be detected in any lane, travelling in either direction. Navtech Radar SVD alerts control rooms to stopped vehicles within ten seconds.

Navtech Radar Installation

ATC and Navtech staff assessing suitability of site location

How we helped

ATC provided the Navtech Radars and Lattix posts and brackets for the project, while our sister company, BRAUMS, provided lanterns for the Ramp Metering. Our main contribution was in levelling and commissioning the radars, due to Navtech not being able to travel to Australia. The Smart Freeway was almost delayed due to travel restrictions, and Smartway were considering delaying the opening of the newly converted slow lane. 

To mitigate this issue, ATC engineers undertook remote training with Navtech over Teams. This allowed for the Smartway Alliance to complete all of the installation work. Seeing as though travel restrictions are still in place, coordinating remote training and taking on commissioning responsibilities saved this project from long delays. You can hear more about ATC's involvement in the project in this webinar from ITS Australia.

ATC Installing the Navtech Radar

Navtech CTS350-X Radar on tripod during site evaluations

ATC's expertise in leading Traffic Management Technology

Throughout the planning and installation phases, ATC personnel were on the ground, providing expert technical support. The SVD system was integrated with Main Roads WA's STREAMS Traffic Management System for seamless reporting of alarms. This market leading technology is the preferred technology for UK motorway projects. It is superior to video or thermal systems as it is not affected by rain or fog. The detection capabilities still work in the following conditions:

  • Fire, smoke and hot gasses
  • Rain, fog and snow
  • Water and spray
  • All lighting conditions, include complete darkness and sun glare
  • Heavy traffic

To read more about the full capabilities of the CTS350-X Navtech Radar System, visit the product page.

For more information or pricing of the Navitech Radar SVD please contact ATC's head office on +61 2 8846 5500 or submit and email enquiry to