To all of our valued Customers and Business Partners. 

We are pleased to inform you that as of March the 1st 2021 Siemens Mobility (Yunex) completed the acquisition of Aldridge Traffic Controllers (ATC). We are now operating as one company and are looking forward to discussing with you the benefits of our new combined portfolio.  

Together, Siemens Mobility (Yunex) and ATC can now offer the full spectrum of urban traffic solutions and advanced traffic management standards. The newly combined portfolio gives our customers an enhanced range of options to solve the unique challenges faced in their cities. As well as an enhanced portfolio of products and solutions, Siemens Mobility (Yunex) and ATC have gained a wealth of collective knowledge through the combining of both companies. We are convinced that the combination of joint product portfolios and shared skills will complement each other to the benefit of our customers. 

Siemens Mobility (Yunex) are one of the biggest players for Intelligent Traffic Systems in the world and with the added strength of ATC in the Australian, Asian and global markets, our newly combined future will help us all not only to keep pace with the growing demands of future mobility, but to master them, together with you, as effectively and efficiently as possible. 

It is important to us to maintain existing ways of working and relationships, therefore at this stage your typical contact to Siemens Mobility (Yunex) and ATC will remain unchanged. However, as we move forward, where appropriate we will begin to introduce new colleagues and subject matter experts who can help to discuss new solutions and opportunities with you.  

We hope you share our excitement for the new combined future and the opportunities this can bring for all of us. At Siemens Mobility (Yunex) and ATC, we are looking forward to continuing to discuss, plan and successfully implement our projects with you. 

If you have any questions or would like any further information please don’t hesitate to email us at